Grandi's Newest Cafe

Serving up local fare in the Grandi Harbour District, join us at Kaffi Grandi to sip a handcrafted cappuccino, warm up with some soup, have your next meeting or enjoy Happy Hour after work. Check out our menu to see some of our favourite treats, eats and drinks from Reykavík's best.

Open Every Day

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Our Menu


Pepperoni Pizza ISK 1.490
Premium Pizza ISK 1.490
Mini Margarita ISK 795
Grilled Ham & Cheece Sandwich  ISK 690
Kids grilled sandwich with ham and cheese ISK 590



Kleina - Icelandic doughnut ISK 370
Muffin ISK 495
Donut ISK 390
Chocolate cake with cream ISK 895
Snúður - Icelandic Cinnamon roll ISK 595


Coffee ISK 490
Americano ISK 550
Espresso ISK 490
Cappuccino ISK 590
Macchiato ISK 590
Latte ISK 650
Iced coffee ISK 690
Swiss mocha ISK 690
Hot chocolate ISK 660
Tea ISK 490
Extra shot ISK 40



Kristall ISK 390
Pepsi ISK 390
Pepsi max ISK 390
Appelsín ISK 390
Kókómjólk ISK 290
Apple juice ISK 390
Fruit juice ISK 390
Orange juice ISK 390
Malt beer ISK 550

Beer and Wine

Bríó ISK 990
Egils gull ISK 990
Snorri nr.10 ISK 1.190
Úlfur nr.3 ISK 1.190
Túborg classic ISK 1.190
Piccini Orange Rosso Red wine ISK 1.390
Montalto Nero D'Avola Terre Red wine ISK 1.390
Piccini Orange Bianco White wine ISK 1.390
Montalto Pinot Grigio Terre White wine ISK 1.390
Piccini Prosecco ISK 1.490
Aperol Spritz ISK 2.400
Moscow Mule ISK 2.400
Gin and Tonic ISK 2.100
Irish Coffee ISK 1.590


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