What a place! This small island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean packs a punch with wonder. From its stunning natural beauty to its colourful local culture, here are five of the things we most love about Iceland.

1. Geothermal activity

Iceland is a hotbed of geothermal activity, and the benefits are plenty. Year round you can soak up the country’s abundance of natural hot springs. In the wintertime, there’s no need to fret about chilly feet while exploring the streets of Reykjavík—the city has geothermically-heated sidewalks. Hello, toasty toes.

2. Icelandic horses

The iconic Icelandic horse is a quirky creature, small in stature but boasting two extra (fourth and fifth) gaits—tölt with just 1 foot on the ground and skeið (flying pace) with no foot on the ground. The horses arrived in Iceland with the Vikings in the 9th Century and have been making locals and visitors smile ever since—just don’t call them ponies.

A group of horses stand in a sunny grass field.

3. Skyr

Skyr, although similar in texture to Greek yogurt, is technically part of the cheese family. It’s beloved by locals in Iceland for its high protein and calcium, plus low fat, sugar and carbohydrates, scoring even better than yogurt on all of the above. Our recommendation: be the judge and sample a few flavours!

4. Alþingi, the world's oldest parliament

Iceland is home to the world’s oldest parliament. Assembly was originally held in Þingvellir National Park, about a half hour’s drive from Reykjavík. As you walk among the massive boulders throughout the park, imagine early Icelanders discussing matters of governance inspired by the stunning scenery.

The small Tjörnin lake in central Reykjavík with a prominent church along the shore.

5. Midnight sun

You’ve likely heard of the midnight sun in Iceland during the summertime. We can attest that it’s true, in the height of summer, darkness is a total stranger to the skies. To keep sleep in your itinerary, pack a sleep mask and be prepared to get creative hanging up clothing around your windows if your accommodation doesn’t have blackout blinds or curtains.

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