This June, our talented creative team took off on the first part of the journey to film FlyOver Iceland. Pre-production (testing of technical equipment, location scouting, scheduling, helicopter flight path permitting and more) has been in the works for months.

The film will be shot over the next six months through all regions and a variety of seasons, showcasing the very best of Iceland. It's a monumental challenge on many, many levels! A team, lead by the same creative director and director behind FlyOver Canada, a talented producer and a local film crew, has now begun to capture some of Iceland's breathtaking locations. Below, we've included a few photos to give you a taste of what goes into the making of this incredible ride film.

Two people gesture their vision of a scene in a wilderness setting.

Photo: Director Dave Mossop (centre) and Creative Director Rick Rothschild (right) plan the choreography for a FlyOver Iceland shot. In the background, Producer Andre Janse (centre) discusses the process with Camera Operator John Trapman (left).


Workers fit the FlyOver Iceland helicopter in a hangar.

Photo: The FlyOver Iceland production team readies their helicopter and camera in a Reykjavik hangar earlier this month.


A helicopter flies above a kayaker approaching a waterfall descent.

Photo: FlyOver Iceland's camera flies incredibly close to a kayaker above an undisclosed waterfall in Iceland. That's the kind of expertise it takes to get the shot! 


A group of kayakers pose for a photo

Photo: Iceland's bravest and most experienced whitewater kayakers took a daring stunt and turned it into absolute magic during the filming of FlyOver Iceland.

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