FlyOver Iceland's filming team is made up of the very best in the business with creative director Rick Rothschild and director Dave Mossop leading the 'dream team'.

Renowned aerial cinematographer and director of photography John Trapman, production manager André Janse and local Iceland helicopter pilot Jón Björnsson are ensuring each highly-choreographed shot is properly executed in collaboration with local Icelandic field producers from Hero Productions and Profilm.

A camera set up below a helicopter.

Photo: The state-of-the-art camera locked to the FlyOver Iceland Helicopter and operated by John Trapman.

"Our team just keeps getting stronger and stronger," Rothschild says.

So far, the team has clocked over 80 hours in the helicopter, and 24 hours in a fixed wing, which is equipped with the highly-advanced camera used to produce the film that will play on a screen four stories high. Many of the shots have been completed and are now being prepared for the post-production team. A few have been reserved for mid-winter to capture Iceland in all its moody, beautiful, wintery darkness.

Two helicopters fly around an Icelandic Coast Guard ship.

Photo: The FlyOver Iceland helicopter filming the Icelandic Coast Guard.

The team's goal is to have a selection of the shots ready for post-production by mid-October, Rothschild says.

Editing, colour, effects and score composition will all come next, and promise to include some interesting surprises. Stay tuned to discover the creative direction of our preshow, and find out how we put together the ride itself. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter below to stay up to date!

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