Taking Flight: Behind the Scenes at FlyOver Iceland

When we first announced the idea of bringing a brand-new flying ride to Reykjavík, we knew there would be an impressive story to tell. From the stunning landscapes that inspired us to the many professionals who have been working so hard to make it happen, there have been so many unforgettable moments!

Many months later, our behind-the-scenes video series is in its final chapter. It's a journey that started with breaking ground on our landmark building and introducing the original idea for FlyOver Iceland in Chapter 1, Breaking Ground. We've continued to follow progress all the way through to Chapter 4, Taking Flight and FlyOver Iceland's Grand Opening​. We've had a blast dropping epic waterfalls, meeting troll whisperers and bringing a team of talented people together. And now, we get to welcome guests to experience it for themselves!

Come along with us to meet the characters and explore the energy that is FlyOver Iceland. It's been a thrilling ride!

Experience FlyOver Iceland

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