The FlyOver Iceland building, currently under construction in Reykjavík's Grandi neighbourhood, is complex and spectacular. And it will be making a statement, both inside and out.

Renowned local architect Palli Hjaltason is leading the project. He's been involved in Reykjavík city planning for some time and brings both expertise and flair to the plan.

"As Reykjavík has continued to grow and transform into a truly remarkable city, Palli's work can be found in several landmark locations around town," says FlyOver Iceland's Sigurgeir Guðlaugsson. "This made him the perfect architect for the project—and it doesn’t hurt that his office has an unobstructed view of our site!"

A new building beginning construction in a plot of land near the sea.

Photo: The FlyOver Iceland site under construction in Reykjavík's Grandi district.

The building will stand taller than all other around it at 18 metres, required to house the film screen that's more than 12 metres tall. The structure is a combination of a box and a circular-shaped space where the flight-ride's screen will be housed inside a dome.

"There's a very nice interplay in style," Guðlaugsson says. "It's going to be a landmark building."

Milestones to date

Construction is on track and the building is starting to take shape.

  • Complex and rigorous development and building permit process completed
  • Existing footings demolished
  • Site excavation completed
  • All building footings poured

What's next

  • Ride footings and slabs to be poured
  • Interior design and building systems to be finalized
  • Exterior walls to be poured in August

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