We have all been waiting for this! There's a lot of excitement in the air at FlyOver Iceland.

As the doors at FlyOver Iceland get ready to open on May 8 (for the first time since the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic struck in March), the team is focused first of all on safety. Icelanders will now be able to slowly emerge from isolation and explore their country from right here in Reykjavík. And as the country's most talked-about new attraction, the energy at FlyOver is high.

"It's a powerful, almost emotional experience to see our own country displayed like it is here at FlyOver," says General Manager Agnes Gunnarsdottir. "It is a great way to slowly return to the outside world after the lockdown of the last weeks."

At the operations level, social distancing protocols are in place at each interaction as guests make their way through the FlyOver experience, from ticket desks and retail to the immersive pre-shows and the flight-ride itself. Luka Drusko, supervisor at FlyOver Iceland, says it's essential that both the team and guests feel safe.

"We take our priorities very seriously—the whole team has been working diligently since the COVID-19 pandemic started to make sure our attraction is safe," Drusko says. "Now more than ever, our goal is to make FlyOver an enjoyable experience for the whole family."

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Photo: FlyOver Iceland General Manager Agnes Gunnarsdottir

The landmark building in the Grandi Harbour area has been divided into three zones. No more than 40 people will be permitted in each zone at a time. Ride times are staggered more slowly to allow the team to give the area a thorough clean and disinfect.

Here are some of the other steps the FlyOver team is taking to ensure safety standards:

  • To start, guests are encouraged to order tickets online to reduce interactions in person.
  • A minimum of three seats will be left empty between each group of guests.
  • Plastic gloves are provided to all guests upon arrival.
  • Floor markings now show 2-metre/6-foot distances in all required areas.
  • Stanchions now separate people to ensure distancing.
  • Signage throughout the building reiterates the continued importance of social distancing.
  • Each small group will have a Flight Guide at all times to make sure social distance rules are being considered.
  • FlyOver Iceland team members will have their temperatures taken daily.

Luka Drusko standing on a stairway.

Start your Outwards Journey Here

As Iceland opens up for residents—and continues to restrict international travel—there are plenty of ways for locals to begin to fill up their thirst for adventure and take advantage of areas that would normally draw crowds of foreign visitors. Get out and explore your community. Return to the places you've always loved and try out something brand new.

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Photo: FlyOver Iceland's Agnes Gunnarsdottir and Luka Drusko

FlyOver opened in the late summer of 2019, and it was years in the making. The fact that the attraction is so new helps the team there be able to stay nimble and adjust to the new post-pandemic reality, Gunnarsdottir says.

"When we opened our doors in August 2019 we would never have imagined that within one year we would close and re-open," she says. "Having such a fresh experience from having opened has really helped us being adaptable in these unpredictable times."

From adjustments in the operations to new deals and special packages, the FlyOver experience is a truly state-of-the-art attraction that will awaken your senses and get your heart pumping.

"FlyOver Iceland is a great place to start your journey around Iceland," Gunnarsdottir says. What a great place to ignite your spirit of adventure again!

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